Do you remember the days when bloggers shared random snippets of their life on
their blogs and on instagram? I miss those days.

It’s all seems so forced now. Posts are written for SEO and page views. Photos
are curated, and lately, shunned aside as influencers muddle their way through
awkward Reels and TikToks in hopes of appeasing the algorithm.

I miss spontaneity. 


Unfiltered peeks into someone else’s life. 

Connection and not just content. 

I thought I’d bring some of that back and share a bit of life lately. So many
of you have been here for years and I enjoy connecting with you about things
other than just “home”. So let’s get to know each other better, shall we?
Here’s 10 random things that have meaning in my world for September:

1. Family Sweatshirt

Mix one teenager who loves oversized hoodies and sweatshirts with mom + dad
and what do you get? A sweatshirt the entire family can wear! Though it
breaks my heart a little to know my girl is no longer a kid and is taller than me, I’m loving the
fact that we can share clothes.

This crew neck sweatshirt made the cut for Chloe’s first day of school outfit. Cool enough for
the Grade 8 crowd with a varsity type design that mom and dad love wearing
too. It’s just plush enough on the inside without causing perimenopausal mom to
overheat. The retro dark green velvet lettering is a nice touch. It reminds
me of my early Western University days when I was so into wearing varsity
sweatshirts and melton wool baseball hats.

2. Love Crunch

I was never one of those people who eat the same meal over and over but now
I am. I’m loving Love Crunch Organic Granola for breakfast. Breakfast should be easy, enjoyable, and reliable and this granola is exactly that. The Dark Chocolate Macaroon mix is my favourite. I have it with greek yogurt, sliced banana, and a
drizzle of honey. Ahh, soooo good!
On an interesting side note, I listened to this episode with the founders of Nature’s Path on my favourite podcast, How I
Built This. Great episode and you’ll never guess how Love Crunch came about!

3. Brown nail polish

I enjoy giving myself a manicure but hardly ever find (or make) the time to
do so. But not this month! Chloe and I spent some mother-daughter bonding
time doing our nails just before the start of school. I’m very into brown
these days and that goes for my nails as well. This dark chocolate brown
colour suits my mood as we move into fall. It’s strong, warm, and
unexpected. Colour is Sally Hansen Vegan Polish in Warm Cacao.

4. Candles

It’s officially candle season! Once the days start getting shorter and darker,
I can’t resist lighting candles. This local
small batch brand
in their Pillow Talk scent is my current go-to. Love the amber glass
packaging. I also love this clean, non-toxic candle brand
this scent
being a favourite. 
Current desk situation. I’ve had that car postcard in my office for four
years and only THIS WEEK noticed there’s a woman’s legs sticking out of
the sunroof! Ha!

I like to have a candle on while I’m working at my desk. The scent seems to
help me focus better?? Do you use candles?

5. Workout Zone

I’m trying to instill new healthy habits into my life and one way to do that
is to reduce the friction and make it easier to be healthy. Things like having
a large, attractive water bottle sitting on my desk as a constant reminder to
drink more, or putting my daily vitamins right beside the coffee maker where I
can’t miss them.

Creating a workout zone in our new laundry room was another intentional
decision. I am loving having this small area where I can run on the
treadmill while watching TV. I also have enough space to roll out the yoga mat
and do some stretching and crunches. And I actually enjoy exercising here
because the laundry room is clean and comfortable and I can close the door and
turn on only the wall sconce and its like a quiet, private gym.

I recognize this setup might seem weird to others. But really, we have to suit
our homes to those who live in it and not worry if it doesn’t conform to what
others (or Instagram) think it should look like. What’s something unique in
your home that you just love?

6. Happyslip

If you are a Filipino, know a Filipino, or have spent any amount of time with
Filipino aunties, you may enjoy
this comedian. Her accuracy is uncanny. I swear my mom sounded just like this when we would go to the park as kids, lol!

7. Sarah at Pewter and Sage

I’ve been a fan of
for a long time. She makes the most beautiful hand-painted signs and has a
fun, loving personality that just shines through her posts. I had an idea that
Sarah and I could combine our talents and create something beautiful together
– and we did just that. I’m excited to tell you more about it very soon!

Constantly trying new things is important to me. It gets harder as we get
older to continue to take risks and, well, feel like we have something to
contribute to the world. I love connecting with talented, like-minded women
and learning together. I’m proud of what we’ve created and can’t wait for you
to see it.

8. Passion Planner and Muji Pens

“What gets measured, gets done” – that has always been one of my guiding
mottos in life. I find I am at my most productive when I have checklists to
measure against. Sure, I can keep a running list of to do’s in my head but
inevitably, something will be forgotten and missed. 

After a summer of no deadlines or schedules, I’m ready to embrace routines and
order. I always fall back on my
Passion Planner and
Muji Pens to fill me
with that kick-in-the-pants, back-to-school energy. Grab a $5 off coupon for
your own planner here.
Of course, half the fun of having a planner is filling it with stickers. These
floral stickers are my
current obsession.

9. Zenni Glasses

At the age of 51, reading glasses have become a fact of life. I am always on
the lookout for a cute pair.
is where I shop for glasses online and I’ve never been disappointed. I just
got this pair in the pink
gradient colour
but these
coral square glasses are still my favourites.

10. Bailey McCarthy

is one of my long-time Instagram follows. She has a unique design style, her
trips and
vacation wardrobes
are insane, and though she comes from an enormously wealthy and privileged
background, she has always seemed so grounded and hard working. I love what
she had to say
this interview:

September always feels like a shift to me. We get back into routines and are
invigorated to be more productive and reach for success. And just like at the
start of school, we look to the future, we assess, and we wonder:

  • Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing?
  • Is this the right job/place/relationship/home for me?
  • Am I happy?
  • What changes do I need to make in my life to feel more fulfilled?

That’s where my mind is these days. The last two years with Covid have made
those questions much more profound and I feel like many of us are still in
upheaval, of changing and shifting our lives to suit who we are – all while
the world continues to be unpredictable and challenging around us. We are in
constant evolution, inwards and outwards. It’s okay to want something
different and its okay to not know exactly what that is.

I’d love it if you jump in the comments and tell me what’s on your mind this

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