And work on the laundry room continues. But unlike previous weeks where all I
had to show you was drywall, this week is very exciting as we have some
cabinetry installed!

laundry room cabinetry, laundry room storage
It came as no surprise, but this part of the renovation is progressing
rather quickly. The assembled cabinets we’re using, the
Hampton Bay line in Edson Grey
from The Home Depot Canada, are made for projects just like this. 

Let’s revisit the 3D rendering of the cabinetry layout:

laundry room design, laundry room cabinetry, laundry room storage

I’ve devoted one side of the laundry room to cabinetry and maximized the
layout in a small footprint. Here’s what I needed to store in this area:

  • washer and dryer machines
  • a sink cabinet
  • open space for the rolling laundry cart
  • shelving to store our two laundry baskets
  • a hanging rod
  • upper cabinets

In addition to those functional needs, the cabinetry layout had to take
into account:

  • three different ceiling heights
  • a pillar in the corner
  • a laundry chute in the ceiling

laundry room design, laundry room cabinetry, laundry room storage

Figuring this out was no easy feat. First, I took the measurements of the
stock cabinetry and figured out the maximum sizes of cabinets I could use in
the space. I ended up with:

2 – 27×30″ upper cabinets

1 – 21×30″ upper cabinet

1 – 30″ wide sink cabinet

2 – 15×30″ upper cabinets stacked to form a tall cabinet

To create the remaining cabinetry (gables to hold up the countertops, the
open space for the rolling cart, and the basket shelves), we will use a mix
factory finished panels
cut down to size, and DIY panels and gables made to fit. The DIY panels will
be made using
5/8″ melamine panels,
melamine veneer edging, and paint matched to the cabinets.

We’ve never used melamine veneer before so I hope it takes paint well!
Ideally, the panels will blend right in with the cabinetry.

laundry room cabinetry, laundry room storage
We’ve got the assembled cabinets installed and they are looking fantastic.
Did you notice the filler panels at the ends of the upper cabinets? We
create DIY filler panels
for all our cabinets to give them a high end, built-in look.
laundry room cabinetry, laundry room storage

This area, however, will require a bit more effort. We’ve still got to:

  • build in cleats to hold up the countertop
  • add a second shelf
  • add a hanging rod
  • install a gable on the other side of the cabinets
  • create a filler for the top of the cabinets
  • decide if we want to back this with shiplap or a mirror

It’s a tight fit, but I think it’s looking great so far!

laundry room cabinetry, laundry room storage

And here’s one little surprise we added: a TV! We won’t have cable in this
room so I chose a smart TV that we can stream our devices to. It’ll be
perfect for watching TV while running on the treadmill or while we’re folding piles of laundry.

tv in laundry room
Laundry room in our previous house

The room is taking shape and can’t wait to have the cabinetry finished in the next few days. Come back next week to see how it all looks!

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