Are you an Amazon shopper? I constantly have a running list of items I want
to purchase in my virtual Amazon cart. With Amazon Prime Day 2022 happening
the next two days (July 12-13), I’m prepping my shopping list and keeping my
eye on the deals.

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Amazon Prime Day Tips for 2022

While the deals won’t be revealed beforehand, there are a few things you can
do to make sure you get the best buys before they run out. Here’s 5 things
you can do today to get ready for Amazon Prime Day tomorrow:

Sign Up For Amazon Prime

If you’re not already an Amazon Prime subscriber, now is the time to
do it. While all
Amazon members can see the Amazon Prime Day offers on the site, you can only
take advantage of the Prime Exclusive Discount pricing if you are a Prime

Preview the Prime Day deals on Amazon Brands

I’m a huge fan of the Amazon brands. They offer reliable products for your
most basic needs. I’ve bought items like AmazonBasics charging cords, batteries, and
hangers and have
been very pleased with them.
On this preview page,
you can see which Amazon brands products will be coming up for sale. The
actual sale price won’t be visible until Prime Day, but here’s what you can
do today:
  • start to browse the selection of products. Scroll down to see all the
    products, or browse to filter by category
  • put the products you want to buy into your cart but don’t purchase them
  • on Prime Day, click on your cart and click on the individual products
    and see if they are on sale yet. If they are on sale and are limited
    quantities or you don’t want to risk missing out, purchase your product
    right away
  • otherwise, keep them in your cart and wait until all your other
    pre-selected items are on sale and purchase at once

3. Check out the
Best Sellers in each

Want to purchase tried & true products popular with Amazon buyers? You
can check out what’s popular in different categories like:

4. Explore
highly rated products for home and read the reviews

There are some products that take a little bit longer to buy. This is
especially true for home furnishings and larger ticket items where you
want to price compare, research, and read reviews.

Shop 4+ Star Customer Favourites

I hardly ever buy anything online these days without reading the online
reviews. It’s very helpful to read what customers think of a product and
even better when they include real-life photos.
This page lists
products rated 4 stars or better.
amazon prime day picks
And there you have it, my 5 top tips for getting the best deals on
Amazon Prime Day. Don’t forget to check out
my Amazon Shop
with my top recommended home decor products to shop on Prime Day!

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